Welcome to the Thunderbird Run

The Thunderbird Run started as a Half Marathon run eight years ago and has just recently grown into three events at different times of the year. The Thunderbird Run consists of three races held in April, August and September.

Thunderbird Spring Run
The Thunderbird Spring Run will kick off the season and boasts a Half Marathon, a Half Marathon Relay, a 10k and 5k distances in 2014. We have not only added the half marathon distance but also changed the course to better suit the needs of the runners, and spectators. The two-lap Half Marathon course will start on campus, in front of the Education Building, leave campus then loop around Cottonwood Park. After coming back on campus, relay members will exchange bib numbers then head out for the final 10k. You can check out the new course (unofficial) here.

Schedule of Events:

8:00am: HM and HM Relay START
9:00am: 10k START
9:15am: 5k Run and walk START
11:30am: Kid’s Fun Run START (approx.)
11:45am AWARDS held in Multi-Purpose Room in conjunction with the Winter Market (approx.)

9th Annual Thunderbird Half Marathon
Our second event is the 9th Annual Thunderbird Half Marathon. The only change we’ve made this year, aside the new course, is the adjustment of the starting times. Recent years has shown the need for an earlier start. If you can we up early for a run so can we. See schedule of events below for the new timetable.

Schedule of Events:

7:00am: HM and HM Relay START
8:00am: 10k START
8:15am: 5k Run and walk START
10:30am: Kid’s Fun Run START (approx.)
11:45am AWARDS

Powwow Run
The last event of the year is the longest running in the history of United Tribes. The first Powwow Run dates back to the 1970’s when registration fees were way under $5. When you participate you will also become part of the history that surrounds the UTTC International Powwow. 10k and 5 distances are held on this day and during the award ceremony we will also reward the Thunderbird 10k Series competitors.

Schedule of Events:

8:00am: 10k START
8:15am: 5k START
10:00am: Kid’s Fun Run START (approx.)
10:15am AWARDS (approx.)

Thunderbird 10K Series
Runners not only compete for each event’s titles but for the overall 10k Series title as well. The combined lowest total time counting all three 10k races will win the overall title and awards are given out 6-deep. The awarding for men and women is as follows. 1. $400, 2. $250, 3. $200, 4. $150, 5. $100, 6. $75 (total prize purse of $2350).

To register for each event please click on the links on the left side.

For any questions/concerns please email or call
Brienna Schwab
 bschwab@uttc.edu (701) 255-3285 ext 1367


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